Codycross Planet Earth Group 14 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Space Lacking Matter
Solution: Vacuum

Question: Another Term For Nauseated
Solution: Queasy

Question: Clumsily Use Hands When Handling Something
Solution: Fumble

Question: Glass Container Used In Laboratories
Solution: Beaker

Question: Highest Point Of A Hill Or Mountain
Solution: Summit

Question: Invitees Especially To A Party Or Event
Solution: Guests

Question: Irrational Fear Of Something Causes Panic
Solution: Phobia

Question: John Greek Heartthrob Full House Uncle
Solution: Stamos

Question: Money Total Amount Of Circulated Money
Solution: Supply

Question: Name The Film A Boys Best Friend Is His Mother
Solution: Psycho

Question: Not A Wide Opening Not A Lot Of Room
Solution: Narrow

Question: Papua New
Solution: Guinea

Question: Rick 80s Hits Singer
Solution: Astley

Question: They Make The Flares And Flickers Of A Fire
Solution: Flames

Question: What Philatelists Collect
Solution: Stamps

Question: Woodlice Crustacean Order
Solution: Isopod

Question: Sense Paine Pamphlet Advocating Freedom
Solution: Common

Question: Tree Lane Home To The Bankses In Mary Poppins
Solution: Cherry

Question: Eye Brosnans Bond Debut
Solution: Golden

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