Codycross Planet Earth Group 13 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: An Allotrope Of Carbon Like The Diamond
Solution: Graphite

Question: Comet Discovered In 1995 By Two Americans
Solution: Hale bopp

Question: Country Mostly Covered By Kalahari Desert
Solution: Botswana

Question: Ed Host Of Legendary American 60s Music Show
Solution: Sullivan

Question: Fear Of Good News
Solution: Euphobia

Question: God Of Wine Also Known As Bacchus
Solution: Dionysus

Question: Meeting Of Cardinals To Elect A New Pope
Solution: Conclave

Question: Minced Pork Beef Or Lamb Shaped Into A Sphere
Solution: Meatball

Question: Popular American Snack Dunkin Krispy Kreme
Solution: Doughnut

Question: Response To A Situation Stimulus Or Treatment
Solution: Reaction

Question: Saltwater Clams Bivalves Used In Seafood Dishes
Solution: Scallops

Question: Secret Code You Enter After A Username
Solution: Password

Question: Sound Characters Or Visual Cue To Gain Access
Solution: Password

Question: Spiny Mammal Sonics Species
Solution: Hedgehog

Question: Station At The End Of The Line
Solution: Terminus

Question: Team Or Person That Is Expected To Lose
Solution: Underdog

Question: Theatre District In New York City
Solution: Broadway

Question: Times Serif Font Created For The Newspaper
Solution: New roman

Question: Type Of Painting Depicting Maritime Scenes
Solution: Seascape

Question: What Doesnt Kill You Makes You
Solution: Stronger

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