Codycross Planet Earth Group 13 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Feeling Of Worry Nervousness Or Unease
Solution: Anxiety

Question: A Space Station Movie With Matt Damon
Solution: Elysium

Question: A Variety Of Coffee Bean
Solution: Robusta

Question: Basketball Team From Denver CO
Solution: Nuggets

Question: Board On Which An Artist Lays And Mixes Paints
Solution: Palette

Question: Cap Used To Protect The End Of Finger When Sewing
Solution: Thimble

Question: Disorder Of Severe Uneasiness
Solution: Anxiety

Question: Hell Bent On Doing Something At Any Cost
Solution: Dead set

Question: Large Seabird That Scoops Prey In Its Beak
Solution: Pelican

Question: Make Someone Feel Nervous Ruffle
Solution: Fluster

Question: Narrow Opening Caused By The Separation Of Rocks
Solution: Fissure

Question: Official Language Of The Incan Empire
Solution: Quechua

Question: Political Conflict That Involved Two World Powers
Solution: Cold war

Question: Science That Studies Matter And Energy
Solution: Physics

Question: Someone Inexperienced At An Activity
Solution: Amateur

Question: Someone Who Is Not A Professional
Solution: Amateur

Question: South American Country Capital Is Sucre And La Paz
Solution: Bolivia

Question: Spice Girls Smash Hit
Solution: Wannabe

Question: The US Space Age Cartoon Family
Solution: Jetsons

Question: To Obtain Carefully
Solution: Procure

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