Codycross Planet Earth Group 13 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Players Position In Baseball
Solution: Baseman

Question: Ate Between Meals
Solution: Snacked

Question: Bauble Anagram Of Knitter
Solution: Trinket

Question: Christmassy
Solution: Festive

Question: Comic Strip Revolving Around A Workplace
Solution: Dilbert

Question: Cultivated Green Areas With Plants And Lawns
Solution: Gardens

Question: Digging Deep Feeling Or Grasping
Solution: Delving

Question: Finders Keepers Losers
Solution: Weepers

Question: Grocery Section With Fruits And Vegetables
Solution: Produce

Question: Hormone Essential To Regulate Glucose Level
Solution: Insulin

Question: Julian Aussie Founder Of WikiLeaks
Solution: Assange

Question: Known For Its Wrinkles And Blue Black Tongue
Solution: Sharpei

Question: Language For The Deaf Using Finger Movements
Solution: Signing

Question: Magical Tour Movie By The Beatles
Solution: Mystery

Question: Michael UK Scientist Who Discovered Benzene
Solution: Faraday

Question: Michael Bought The Beatles Back Catalogue
Solution: Jackson

Question: Most Popular Of This Hunting Breed Are The Cocker
Solution: Spaniel

Question: Muscle From Collarbone To Upper Arm
Solution: Deltoid

Question: Nocturnal Mammals With Black White Striped Heads
Solution: Badgers

Question: Notation Of Where A Person Lives
Solution: Address

Question: Oldest Surviving Long Poem In English
Solution: Beowulf

Question: Olympics Were Held There In 1996
Solution: Atlanta

Question: One Of The Many Deities Of Hinduism
Solution: Krishna

Question: Peanut Butter Preference
Solution: Crunchy

Question: Plant In Buttercup Family Windflower
Solution: Anemone

Question: Pretended To Punch
Solution: Feinted

Question: Prince In The Tower Became King In 1483
Solution: Edward v

Question: Queen Thanks R2D2 For His Bravery In Episode 1
Solution: Amidala

Question: RADAR Is An Acronym For Radio Detection And
Solution: Ranging

Question: Smartphone Platform Represented By A Green Robot
Solution: Android

Question: Solitude Seclusion It Is Closely Guarded
Solution: Privacy

Question: The Race
Solution: Amazing

Question: The Rock City According To The Rock Band Kiss
Solution: Detroit

Question: Two Or More Independent Stable Compounds
Solution: Adducts

Question: Writing Your Autograph On The Dotted Line
Solution: Signing

Question: Mauler Nickname Given To A 20s Heavyweight
Solution: Manassa

Question: Chimneys Were The Visible Impact Of Industry
Solution: Smoking

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