Codycross Planet Earth Group 12 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Amati Family Musical Instrument
Solution: Violin

Question: Bird Known For Repeating
Solution: Parrot

Question: Bloody Day Of U2 Song
Solution: Sunday

Question: Container For Carrying Water Or Dipping A Mop In
Solution: Bucket

Question: Country Where Catherine The Great Was Born
Solution: Poland

Question: Damage Done To A Persons Body
Solution: Injury

Question: Forced Bets By Player To Left Of Dealer In Poker
Solution: Blinds

Question: Georgia Tech Jackets Are From Atlanta GA
Solution: Yellow

Question: Kahlo Painted The Column
Solution: Broken

Question: Long Piece Of Ice Formed By Dripping Water
Solution: Icicle

Question: Muscles In The Upper Arm Bulge When Bent
Solution: Biceps

Question: SEO Search Optimization
Solution: Engine

Question: Singin In The Rain Depicts The Demise Of Movies
Solution: Silent

Question: The Capital Of Mali
Solution: Bamako

Question: Type Of Farmhouse Common In Alpine Regions
Solution: Chalet

Question: Vampires Are Supposed To Keep Away From This
Solution: Garlic

Question: What Dracula Sleeps In
Solution: Coffin

Question: Workout Bottoms Definitely Not Loose
Solution: Tights

Question: Greene Wrote Our Man In Havana
Solution: Graham

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