Codycross Planet Earth Group 12 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Careless Whisper Singer George
Solution: Michael

Question: A Chamber In A House That Has A Lot Of Windows
Solution: Sunroom

Question: A Common Element To Fraternities And Societies
Solution: Secrecy

Question: Actor Emilio Brother Of Charlie Sheen
Solution: Estevez

Question: Baggage Taken With You On A Trip
Solution: Luggage

Question: Basin That Is Used To Raise A Boat Out Of Water
Solution: Drydock

Question: Beware Trees In The Forest Timber
Solution: Falling

Question: Classes To Learn A New Language Or To Play Piano
Solution: Lessons

Question: Fountains Wells Dives
Solution: Springs

Question: Group Of Educators In A School
Solution: Faculty

Question: Long Light Spear Thrown With Hands
Solution: Javelin

Question: Minsk The Capital Of This Eastern European Country
Solution: Belarus

Question: Name For Something Made From Clay
Solution: Ceramic

Question: Not One Thing Nor The Other
Solution: Neither

Question: One Of Four Equal Sections Of Something
Solution: Quarter

Question: Overhead Surface Of A Room
Solution: Ceiling

Question: Part Of A Chair Where Your Limbs Can Relax
Solution: Armrest

Question: Part Of The Body Between The Chest And The Hips
Solution: Abdomen

Question: Prevalent Items In San Francisco In The 60s
Solution: Flowers

Question: Region Where Gravity Effect Is Zero
Solution: Agravic

Question: The Shrill Sound A Bird Makes
Solution: Whistle

Question: Thin Swords For Fencing
Solution: Rapiers

Question: Ultraviolet Rays From Sunlight Cause Burns
Solution: Actinic

Question: WAN Wide Area
Solution: Network

Question: Wooden Furniture With Doors
Solution: Cabinet

Question: Wooden Planks Fixed To The Wall To Display Books
Solution: Shelves

Question: You Yell This Games Name When You Hit All Five
Solution: Yahtzee

Question: Churchill Britains WWII Prime Minister
Solution: Winston

Question: Joslyn Gage US Womens Rights Activist
Solution: Matilda

Question: Little 2005 Disney Film Sky Is Falling Fable
Solution: Chicken

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