Codycross Planet Earth Group 12 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Patch Of Earth For Growing Roses Tulips Etc
Solution: Flower bed

Question: Birthplace Of Alexander Graham Bell
Solution: Edinburgh

Question: Celebration In June In Honor Of An Irish Author
Solution: Bloomsday

Question: Dalis Melting Clocks Were Inspired By This Cheese
Solution: Camembert

Question: Document For Foreign Workers In US
Solution: Green card

Question: Electromagnetic Radiation From A Luminous Body
Solution: Starlight

Question: First Female US Attorney General
Solution: Janet reno

Question: Formal Meeting For A Job
Solution: Interview

Question: Good Tempered Pleasant Natured
Solution: Agreeable

Question: Large Ship That Carries Cargo
Solution: Freighter

Question: Marsupials Endemic To Australia
Solution: Kangaroos

Question: Sausage Dog
Solution: Dachshund

Question: Scientist Specialized In An Old Natural Science
Solution: Physicist

Question: Scientist Who Studies A Natural Science
Solution: Physicist

Question: Site Of Major English Win In Hundred Years War
Solution: Agincourt

Question: The FBI Motto Fidelity Bravery And
Solution: Integrity

Question: The Manchurian Drama With Frank Sinatra
Solution: Candidate

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