Codycross Planet Earth Group 12 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: An Organism That Transmits A Pathogen
Solution: Vector

Question: Anagram Of Poster
Solution: Presto

Question: Antonym Of Moderation
Solution: Excess

Question: Belle Fell In Love With The Beasts Inner
Solution: Beauty

Question: Building That Houses The Incarcerated
Solution: Prison

Question: Cereal Grain For Animal Fodder Or Beer Brewing
Solution: Barley

Question: Cheap Accommodation Popular With Backpackers
Solution: Hostel

Question: Cold Like An Early Spring Morning
Solution: Frosty

Question: Dot Eating Arcade Personality
Solution: Pac man

Question: Explained The Behavior Of Atoms For The First Time
Solution: Dalton

Question: Fats Waxes And Oils Insoluble In Water
Solution: Lipids

Question: Film Actors Directors John Walter And Anjelica
Solution: Huston

Question: High Pitched Stringed Instrument
Solution: Violin

Question: Jodie Clarice In Silence Of The Lambs
Solution: Foster

Question: Letter Denoting Einsteins Cosmological Constant
Solution: Lambda

Question: Marketing Shortsighted View Of Marketing
Solution: Myopia

Question: Not Outdoors
Solution: Inside

Question: Not Rough Even Around The Edges
Solution: Smooth

Question: Parents Siblings Offspring
Solution: Cousin

Question: Playground Ride Made Up Of A Plank On A Pivot
Solution: Seesaw

Question: Polish Composer Called Poet Of The Piano
Solution: Chopin

Question: Professor Xavier In X Men First Class James
Solution: Mcavoy

Question: Putting In Ones Sights
Solution: Aiming

Question: Riches
Solution: Wealth

Question: Robin Hoods Love Interest Maid
Solution: Marian

Question: San Land Locked Country Surrounded By Italy
Solution: Marino

Question: Seven And Four
Solution: Eleven

Question: The Bride Judaism Art By Rembrandt
Solution: Jewish

Question: To Turn From A Normal Path Detour Deflect
Solution: Divert

Question: Toy For Two Kids One At Each End Up And Down
Solution: Seesaw

Question: Type Of Car That Uses Gas And Electricity
Solution: Hybrid

Question: Type Of Seed Used On Buns And In Salads
Solution: Sesame

Question: Wrap A Corpse In A Piece Of Cloth
Solution: Shroud

Question: Yellow Dot Eating Arcade Game Character
Solution: Pac man

Question: Inspector Enforces Sanitation Rules
Solution: Health

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