Codycross Planet Earth Group 11 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: 16th Century English King With Six Wives
Solution: Henry viii

Question: A Mammal With A Pouch Like A Kangaroo Or Wombat
Solution: Marsupial

Question: A White Vitrified Translucent Ceramic China
Solution: Porcelain

Question: Brewing City On Lake Michigan
Solution: Milwaukee

Question: Buttery Pastry Popular In Continental Breakfasts
Solution: Croissant

Question: Device Uses The Shadow Of The Sun For Navigation
Solution: Backstaff

Question: Egalitarian Government
Solution: Democracy

Question: Employees In A Business
Solution: Personnel

Question: John Actor Of Dangerous Liaisons
Solution: Malkovich

Question: Lifespan How Long You Will Live
Solution: Longevity

Question: Lifespan How Many Years Someone Lives
Solution: Longevity

Question: Machine To Hatch Eggs And Keep Them Warm
Solution: Incubator

Question: Material Of Which A Violins Bow Part Is Made
Solution: Horsehair

Question: Mojangs Open World Video Game Using Blocks
Solution: Minecraft

Question: Narrow Bladed Tool With U Shaped Frame
Solution: Coping saw

Question: Non Metal Element With Some Metallic Properties
Solution: Metalloid

Question: Shackles For A Prisoner
Solution: Handcuffs

Question: Sky Divers Open This After Jumping Out Of A Plane
Solution: Parachute

Question: The Club Molly Ringwalds Coming Of Age Movie
Solution: Breakfast

Question: Victor Hugos Character Who Lives In A Church
Solution: Quasimodo

Question: Worker Who Builds Or Repairs Wooden Furniture
Solution: Carpenter

Question: Worker Who Builds Or Repairs Wooden Things
Solution: Carpenter

Question: You Shrug Them Sometimes
Solution: Shoulders

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