Codycross Planet Earth Group 11 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Hands Down Victory
Solution: Walkaway

Question: A Person Who Investigates Unknown Regions
Solution: Explorer

Question: Chemical Element Symbol Pt Used In Rings
Solution: Platinum

Question: Chemical Element Symbol Pt Used In Jewelry Making
Solution: Platinum

Question: Country North Of England
Solution: Scotland

Question: Damage To The Skin Wearing Away The Upper Layer
Solution: Abrasion

Question: Designated Place To Walk On A Road
Solution: Crossing

Question: Disappear Unnoticed
Solution: Slope off

Question: Domestic Water Supply System
Solution: Plumbing

Question: Hans Christian Author Of The Little Mermaid
Solution: Andersen

Question: Interrogative Sentence Or Clause
Solution: Question

Question: It Means In The Open Air In Italian
Solution: Al fresco

Question: Japanese Company That Brought Us Mario And Luigi
Solution: Nintendo

Question: Mathematical Shapes Found In Egypt
Solution: Pyramids

Question: Outdoors In Italian
Solution: Al fresco

Question: Semi Arid Southern African Desert
Solution: Kalahari

Question: Small Squirrel Like Rodent With Dark Stripes
Solution: Chipmunk

Question: Something Understood By Very Few
Solution: Esoteric

Question: Stock With Quality Reputation According To The NYSE
Solution: Blue chip

Question: Substantive Of Setting Something On Fire
Solution: Ignition

Question: The Bride A Comic Opera By Smetana
Solution: Bartered

Question: Thrilled Delighted Overjoyed
Solution: Ecstatic

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