Codycross Planet Earth Group 11 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Buffy The Slayer
Solution: Vampire

Question: Artistic Paper Folding
Solution: Origami

Question: Being Behind Or Late On Payments Obligations
Solution: Arrears

Question: Birth Pills Prevent Unplanned Pregnancies
Solution: Control

Question: Capital Of Papua New Guinea Port
Solution: Moresby

Question: Deficiency Of Carbon Dioxide In Tissues And Blood
Solution: Acapnia

Question: Device That Stores Energy And Produces Electricity
Solution: Battery

Question: Distressed Unsettled
Solution: Fretful

Question: Feeling Mood
Solution: Emotion

Question: French Version Of The Punch And Judy Show
Solution: Guignol

Question: Get Very Near To The Subject Of The Photo
Solution: Close up

Question: Giants From Greek Mythology With Only One Eye
Solution: Cyclops

Question: Jeff Is Hayleys Husband In American Dad
Solution: Fischer

Question: King Arthurs Enemy
Solution: Mordred

Question: Me The World Tupac Shakur Album 1995
Solution: Against

Question: Old Testament Book That Comes From A Census
Solution: Numbers

Question: One Beats The Bush And Another The Birds
Solution: Catches

Question: Political State Nation Or Territory
Solution: Country

Question: Political State Nation With Its Own Government
Solution: Country

Question: Runs Quickly
Solution: Sprints

Question: Sideways Acrossways
Solution: Lateral

Question: Someone Who Does Physical Work
Solution: Laborer

Question: The Human Bodys Filters
Solution: Kidneys

Question: Tonitrophobia Is The Fear Of Storms
Solution: Thunder

Question: Clay Muhammad Alis Previous Name
Solution: Cassius

Question: Four Drop Red Yellow Tokens For Four In A Row
Solution: Connect

Question: International Gets Royalties To The Hit Imagine
Solution: Amnesty

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