Codycross Planet Earth Group 11 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Device That Creates Hard Copies Of Digital Files
Solution: Printer

Question: Adhesive Material With Artwork On It
Solution: Sticker

Question: Bat Canadian Lawman And Journalist
Solution: Masterson

Question: Carlo Collodi Puppet Tale The Adventures Of
Solution: Pinocchio

Question: Enter One For A Chance To Win A Gift
Solution: Contest

Question: Greek Goddess Of The Harvest And Fertility
Solution: Demeter

Question: He Was Old And He Had A Farm E I E I O
Solution: Macdonald

Question: Heated Device For Getting Creases Out Of Clothes
Solution: Steam iron

Question: Huevos Popular Egg Dish In Mexican Cuisine
Solution: Rancheros

Question: Human Torch And Susan Storm Are Two Of The Four
Solution: Fantastic

Question: Kids Game Of Hysterical Miscommunication
Solution: Telephone

Question: Live Long And Vulcan Salute Of Star Trek
Solution: Prosper

Question: Longest River In Ireland
Solution: Shannon

Question: Most Common Pants Worn Denim
Solution: Blue jeans

Question: Nectar Feeding Insect With Large Bright Wings
Solution: Butterfly

Question: Nintendos 1989 Handheld Playing Device
Solution: Game boy

Question: Physical Item In Space Relating To Heaven
Solution: Celestial

Question: Quick Spreading Respiratory Disease
Solution: Influenza

Question: Skin Around The Top Of The Nail Bed
Solution: Cuticle

Question: Sparkling French Mineral Water In A Green Bottle
Solution: Perrier

Question: Surname Of Crazy In Love Singer Beyonce Carter
Solution: Knowles

Question: The Public Conveyance In Venice
Solution: Vaporetto

Question: Theory Of The Universes Beginning
Solution: Big bang

Question: Time When A Woman Carries A Baby For 9 Months
Solution: Pregnancy

Question: Type Of Nuts Used To Make Marrons Glaces
Solution: Chestnuts

Question: Type Of Ram Used To Knock Down Walls And Gates
Solution: Battering

Question: Unpredictable Without Any Particular Pattern
Solution: Erratic

Question: Vilnius Is The Capital Of
Solution: Lithuania

Question: When A Woman Carries A Baby In Her Uterus
Solution: Pregnancy

Question: When Your Mind Is Not Sure What Something Is About
Solution: Confusion

Question: Word Of Caution Usually Used With Exclamation Mark
Solution: Attention

Question: Yarnwork Done By Making Loops With A Hook
Solution: Crochet

Question: Hill Movie With Hugh Grant As Bookstore Owner
Solution: Notting

Question: Watching Observing A Type Of Insect In Nature
Solution: Butterfly

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