Codycross Planet Earth Group 11 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Paternal Kinsman
Solution: Agnate

Question: African Nation West Of Kenya Starting With U
Solution: Uganda

Question: Amusing Imitation Of A Genre For Comedic Effect
Solution: Parody

Question: An Address To God Or A Deity
Solution: Prayer

Question: Country Home To The Archaeological Site Of Petra
Solution: Jordan

Question: Danny Creator Of Iconic Simpsons Opening Tune
Solution: Elfman

Question: Fiery Mass That Enters Earths Atmosphere
Solution: Meteor

Question: General Knowledge Questions
Solution: Trivia

Question: Greek God Of Music Art And Healing
Solution: Apollo

Question: In A Way That Is Clever And Quick
Solution: Deftly

Question: Laced Garment Worn By Women To Shape The Figure
Solution: Corset

Question: Opioid Developed As A Morphine Substitute
Solution: Heroin

Question: Painting On Freshly Spread Moist Lime Plaster
Solution: Fresco

Question: Planters Mascot Mr
Solution: Peanut

Question: Sensitive Area On Each Side Of Forehead
Solution: Temple

Question: Song About Eric Claptons Son Tears In
Solution: Heaven

Question: To Aim For A Goal Ambition
Solution: Aspire

Question: United Nations Childrens Relief Arm
Solution: Unicef

Question: Used For Blowing Noses
Solution: Tissue

Question: Globetrotters Exhibition Basketball Team
Solution: Harlem

Question: Platt Canadian American Actor Born In 1960
Solution: Oliver

Question: Engine Program That Explores The Web
Solution: Search

Question: Dazzle Showy Show Business And Jazz Hands
Solution: Razzle

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