Codycross Planet Earth Group 10 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Acrophobia Is The Fear Of
Solution: Heights

Question: Be Sure Of Something
Solution: Certain

Question: Clothing Worn By Members Of An Organization
Solution: Uniform

Question: Commander Of A Ship Or Airplane
Solution: Captain

Question: Corsican AOC Wine
Solution: Ajaccio

Question: Country In Europe Next To Kosovo And Greece
Solution: Albania

Question: Country In Europe Next To N Macedonia And Greece
Solution: Albania

Question: Cutout Of A Shape Or Design Used Multiple Times
Solution: Stencil

Question: Famous For Unintentional Or Not Word Plays
Solution: Spooner

Question: Food Eaten To Finish A Meal Usually Sweet
Solution: Dessert

Question: Marvin The Came From Space To Blow Up The Earth
Solution: Martian

Question: Multi Unit Space Transport And Recovery Device
Solution: Mustard

Question: No Longer Exists
Solution: Extinct

Question: Paper Proving Payment
Solution: Receipt

Question: Paper Proving You Paid
Solution: Receipt

Question: Program That Lets You Surf The Web
Solution: Browser

Question: South American River Dolphin Species
Solution: La plata

Question: The Last One Was In James F Coopers Novel
Solution: Mohican

Question: They Look Like Snakes With Feet
Solution: Lizards

Question: Youre Either With Us Or Us
Solution: Against

Question: Blues Genre Of Piano Music From Missouri
Solution: St louis

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