Codycross Planet Earth Group 10 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Protected File That Cannot Be Changed Or Edited
Solution: Read only

Question: Apparition Specter Illusion Of Something
Solution: Phantasm

Question: Chinese Dog Breed Also Known As Tang Quan
Solution: Chow chow

Question: Compact Self Contained Gaming Device
Solution: Handheld

Question: Control Over All Of A Market A Famous Board Game
Solution: Monopoly

Question: Convulsions Is Another Name For
Solution: Seizures

Question: Edible Spore Bearing Fruit Of A Fungus
Solution: Mushroom

Question: Ex US Vs UK Womens Team Tennis Tournament Cup
Solution: Wightman

Question: First Part Of The Small Intestine
Solution: Duodenum

Question: Free Release Unshackle
Solution: Liberate

Question: Garment Often Worn Before Or After A Shower
Solution: Bathrobe

Question: How Many Words A Picture Is Worth
Solution: Thousand

Question: In A Case Of Identity You Have The Wrong Person
Solution: Mistaken

Question: Mathematician Played By Russell Crowe In A Movie
Solution: John nash

Question: Measures Taken To Ensure Safety
Solution: Security

Question: Opposite Of Southern
Solution: Northern

Question: Someone Who Just Got Married
Solution: Newlywed

Question: Storage Space For Food And Dishes
Solution: Cupboard

Question: Three Headed Dog Of Greek Legend
Solution: Cerberus

Question: Type Of Candy Rope Shape Red Or Black
Solution: Licorice

Question: Was Reliant On
Solution: Depended

Question: Whispers Words To Forgetful Actors
Solution: Prompter

Question: Identity Wrong Person Named
Solution: Mistaken

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