Codycross Planet Earth Group 10 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Lonely Game Often Played On Computers
Solution: Solitaire

Question: A Prophetic Priestess Of Apollo
Solution: Pythoness

Question: Amy English Singer Who Died In 2011
Solution: Winehouse

Question: Annihilator
Solution: Destroyer

Question: Archaeologist Before The Word Was Coined
Solution: Antiquary

Question: Describes Damaged Tresses That Require Trimming
Solution: Split ends

Question: Dr No Was The First Film Featuring This Hero
Solution: James bond

Question: Group Name Of Cape Verde Islands
Solution: Sotavento

Question: It Knows No Law
Solution: Necessity

Question: John Originator Of The Flushing Water Closet
Solution: Harington

Question: La Spanish Folk Song With Catchy Beat
Solution: Cucaracha

Question: Pain In Or Around Fangs Or Gums
Solution: Toothache

Question: Pain In Or Around The Gums
Solution: Toothache

Question: Pasta With Pork Or Bacon In Creamy Sauce
Solution: Carbonara

Question: Pretty Pink Birds That Stand On One Leg
Solution: Flamingos

Question: Reduction Eg Ozone Layer
Solution: Depletion

Question: Sport Contest That Consists Of 10 Different Events
Solution: Decathlon

Question: The Condition Of Not Being Able To See
Solution: Blindness

Question: The Dark Time Between Evening And Morning
Solution: Nighttime

Question: Thin Long Pasta The Best Ones Are Italian
Solution: Spaghetti

Question: This Is Popped Off To Enjoy A Soft Drink
Solution: Bottle cap

Question: To Record Events As They Evolve
Solution: Chronicle

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