Codycross Planet Earth Group 10 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Warm Blooded Vertebrate Animal
Solution: Mammal

Question: Blouses
Solution: Shirts

Question: Cereals Including Wheat Barley Or Rice
Solution: Grains

Question: Dame Helen English Actress
Solution: Mirren

Question: Dangerous Tricks Performed In Films
Solution: Stunts

Question: Fertilizer Made From Animal Dung
Solution: Manure

Question: First Poet To Use The Latin Phrase Carpe Diem
Solution: Horace

Question: Ghost Essence
Solution: Spirit

Question: Grey Moody And Dark A Looming Cloudy Sky
Solution: Gloomy

Question: Hong Kong Was A Martial Art Cartoon In 1974
Solution: Phooey

Question: Icy Celestial Bodies That Orbit Around The Sun
Solution: Comets

Question: In Chess Each Player Has Sixteen Of These
Solution: Pieces

Question: Keep In Custody By Authority Of The Law
Solution: Arrest

Question: Last Meal Of The Day Also Called Dinner
Solution: Supper

Question: Long Collarless Shirts From South Asia
Solution: Kurtas

Question: Middle Eastern Marketplace Shopping Area
Solution: Bazaar

Question: Narrow Valley With Steep Sides Made By Water
Solution: Ravine

Question: Plural For Baby Cows Lower Leg Muscle
Solution: Calves

Question: Ray Who Starred In Everybody Loves Raymond
Solution: Romano

Question: Sirens Lived In The Sea In Springs And Brooks
Solution: Naiads

Question: Territory Invaded And Occupied By A Nation
Solution: Colony

Question: The Name Of A Streetcar
Solution: Desire

Question: Thick Sugary Liquid Made By Flowers
Solution: Nectar

Question: Transparent Eye Layer That Protects Iris And Pupil
Solution: Cornea

Question: Very Far And Usually Isolated Or Secluded
Solution: Remote

Question: Warm Blooded Animal That Usually Births Live Young
Solution: Mammal

Question: Weissmuller Swimmer Who Turned Into Tarzan
Solution: Johnny

Question: Rats And Rabbits Are Animals That Cannot Vomit
Solution: Horses

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