Codycross Planet Earth Group 10 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: 50s Western TV Series About Gambling Brothers
Solution: Maverick

Question: A Deep Sky Blue
Solution: Cerulean

Question: A Glass Enclosed Room That Lets In Sunlight
Solution: Solarium

Question: A Preferred Route Take It To Be The Bigger Person
Solution: High road

Question: Antonym Of Weak And Helpless
Solution: Powerful

Question: Antonym Of Weak Helpless Insignificant
Solution: Powerful

Question: Artform And Genre Of Music In South Spain
Solution: Flamenco

Question: Californian Uni Founded By A Railway Magnate
Solution: Stanford

Question: Capital Of Turkmenistan
Solution: Ashgabat

Question: Celebrities Donnie And Mark
Solution: Wahlberg

Question: Commanding Powerful Influential
Solution: Dominant

Question: Company That Manufactures Chuck Taylor Sneakers
Solution: Converse

Question: Feeling Panicked Worried About A Possible Danger
Solution: Alarmed

Question: Florida Tribe Expelled To Florida Everglades
Solution: Seminole

Question: Has A Round Form
Solution: Circular

Question: Identification Used To Sign Into A Computer
Solution: Username

Question: Its The Fastest Spinning Planet
Solution: Jupiter

Question: Italian Renaissance Painter Daddi
Solution: Bernardo

Question: Killed By A Guillotine
Solution: Beheaded

Question: Label Indicating The Cost
Solution: Price tag

Question: Label Indicating The Cost Of A Product
Solution: Price tag

Question: Narrowing Of A Body Passage Ie Valve Or Canal
Solution: Stenosis

Question: Public Park In Manhattan Built On An Old Railway
Solution: High line

Question: Rosie Huntington A Victorias Secret Model
Solution: Whiteley

Question: Ruling King Or Queen
Solution: Monarch

Question: Sainted Dog Breed
Solution: Bernard

Question: Singer Who Has A Fenty Beauty Line
Solution: Rihanna

Question: The Act Of Being Gentle To Other People
Solution: Kindness

Question: This Green Vegetable Is 96 Water
Solution: Cucumber

Question: This Noise Follows Lightning
Solution: Thunder

Question: This Stone Represents 60 Years Of Marriage
Solution: Diamond

Question: To Find Your Way Somewhere
Solution: Navigate

Question: Twisted Windstorm That Swept Up Dorothys House
Solution: Tornado

Question: US Word For The Edible Aubergine
Solution: Eggplant

Question: Very Cold Containers For Food
Solution: Freezers

Question: Weapons And Ammo Used In Combat
Solution: Munition

Question: Beauty A Fairy Tale Version By Disney
Solution: Sleeping

Question: Island Tale Of Buccaneers And Buried Gold
Solution: Treasure

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