Codycross Planet Earth Group 1 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Person Who Attends School Or College
Solution: Student

Question: Baseball Birds From Baltimore
Solution: Orioles

Question: Calm Tranquil
Solution: Relaxed

Question: Creamy Sauce Served Over Fettucine
Solution: Alfredo

Question: It Is Golden And Appreciated In The Cinema
Solution: Silence

Question: Leisure Voyages By Boat
Solution: Cruises

Question: Medical Condition Of People Over Ideal Weight
Solution: Obesity

Question: One Of Americas Largest Retailers Founded 1962
Solution: Walmart

Question: Opening Her Box Can Unleash Evils On The World
Solution: Pandora

Question: Orlando Blooms Elven Character In LOTR
Solution: Legolas

Question: Person With A Rank Of Authority In The Military
Solution: Officer

Question: Pleading
Solution: Begging

Question: Pleading For Money
Solution: Begging

Question: Popular 90s Video Game Go Version Was 2016 Craze
Solution: Pokemon

Question: Rabat Is The Capital Of
Solution: Morocco

Question: State That Is Home To Grand Canyon National Park
Solution: Arizona

Question: To Enclose Something Within Set Boundaries
Solution: Confine

Question: Type Of Lettuce Linked To A 2018 E Coli Outbreak
Solution: Romaine

Question: Fusion Hydrogen Turns Into Helium In The Sun
Solution: Nuclear

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