Codycross Planet Earth Group 1 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: 90s Show With Olsen Twins Picked Up By Netflix
Solution: Full house

Question: A Persons Bony Frame
Solution: Skeleton

Question: A Pinch Of This Will Make You Fly Like Tinker Bell
Solution: Pixie dust

Question: An Guess A Calculated Estimate
Solution: Educated

Question: An Invertebrate Such As A Spider Or Scorpion
Solution: Arachnid

Question: Apartment On The Highest Floor Of A Building
Solution: Penthouse

Question: Contestant Who Reaches Last Round Of A Talent Show
Solution: Finalist

Question: Dark Vinegar From Modena Region Of Italy
Solution: Balsamic

Question: Different Pieces Of Cloth Sewn Together
Solution: Patchwork

Question: Dr Seuss Said This Wakes Up The Brain Cells
Solution: Nonsense

Question: Greek Who Wrote The First History Book
Solution: Herodotus

Question: Helper
Solution: Assistant

Question: Make Peace With Estranged Friends
Solution: Reconcile

Question: Nine Eight Seven Six The Final Ten Seconds
Solution: Countdown

Question: Paid To Authors For Sales Of Their Work
Solution: Royalties

Question: Piece Of Art Made Of Metal Stone Clay Etc
Solution: Sculpture

Question: Plant With Thistle Like Flower Heart Is Cooked
Solution: Artichoke

Question: Queen Of England When Shakespeare Was Born I
Solution: Elizabeth

Question: Religion Developed In Jamaica
Solution: Rastafari

Question: Second Emperor Of Ancient Rome
Solution: Tiberius

Question: Someone Who Is Given An Award Or Organ
Solution: Recipient

Question: Space Where Students Are Educated
Solution: Classroom

Question: Valuable Heirlooms And Artworks
Solution: Antiques

Question: Wade Wilson Is This Superhero
Solution: Deadpool

Question: When Students Hit The Books Theyre Doing This
Solution: Studying

Question: X Men Character Played By Hugh Jackman
Solution: Wolverine

Question: Roasting On An Open Fire
Solution: Chestnuts

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