Codycross Planet Earth Group 1 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Animals That Eat Both Plants And Other Animals
Solution: Omnivores

Question: Bewitched
Solution: Enchanted

Question: Bewitched Under A Magic Spell
Solution: Enchanted

Question: Country Home To Jakarta
Solution: Indonesia

Question: Fruit Name That Combines A Tree And Another Fruit
Solution: Pineapple

Question: Instrument Popular In Jazz Music
Solution: Saxophone

Question: Kids Game Of Xs And Os
Solution: Tic tac toe

Question: Loss Of Movement From Nerve Or Muscle Damage
Solution: Paralysis

Question: Person Who Designs Buildings And Houses
Solution: Architect

Question: Picture Editing Software Program
Solution: Photoshop

Question: Sailboat With Two Hulls
Solution: Catamaran

Question: Screen Legend
Solution: Movie star

Question: Sincere And Emotional From The Cardiac Organ
Solution: Heartfelt

Question: State Directly North Of Illinois
Solution: Wisconsin

Question: The Combination Of Ideas To Form A Theory
Solution: Synthesis

Question: To Reduce Or Relieve Suffering
Solution: Alleviate

Question: What Isaac Newton Was Under When Hit On The Head
Solution: Apple tree

Question: Where A Major Story Is Displayed On A Newspaper
Solution: Front page

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