Codycross Mesopotamia Group 977 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Mesopotamia

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Codycross Mesopotamia Answers

Question: A Foot Pedal A Lever Operated With A Foot Or Leg
Solution: Treadle

Question: Aquavit Herb With Crescent Shaped Seeds
Solution: Caraway

Question: Carefree Up For A Good Time
Solution: Playful

Question: Elizabeth Cady Who Was An Early US Feminist
Solution: Stanton

Question: Highly Intelligent Mammal That Lives In The Ocean
Solution: Dolphin

Question: Rotational Energy Affects A Tennis Balls Motion
Solution: Top spin

Question: Sons Of Secret Society Opposed The Stamp Act
Solution: Liberty

Question: This Khan Founded The Mongol Empire
Solution: Genghis

Question: This Is Not An Option For Apollo 13
Solution: Failure

Question: Underground Rock Layer That Stores Groundwater
Solution: Aquifer

Question: Blake Illustrator Of Many Roald Dahl Books
Solution: Quentin

Question: Office Facility For Preparing Mail Deliveries
Solution: Sorting

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