Codycross Mesopotamia Group 969 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Mesopotamia

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Codycross Mesopotamia Answers

Question: A Knights Required Military Service
Solution: Escuage

Question: A Vertical Passage Through Which Smoke Escapes
Solution: Chimney

Question: Illegal Version Such As Prohibition Alcohol Or CDs
Solution: Bootleg

Question: La Joan Of Arcs Preferred Nickname
Solution: Pucelle

Question: Mixes With People Socially
Solution: Mingles

Question: Neoclassical Style Dating Around 1800 To 1830
Solution: Regency

Question: Pays Back A Dissatisfied Customer
Solution: Refunds

Question: Sport Governed By The FIE
Solution: Fencing

Question: Stanley Director And Producer Of The Shining
Solution: Kubrick

Question: Supernanny Expert At Dealing With Tantrums
Solution: Jo frost

Question: Sweeney Todds Daughter Living With Judge Turpin
Solution: Johanna

Question: The Only US State Whose Name Contains A Z
Solution: Arizona

Question: This Chapels Ceiling Was Painted By Michelangelo
Solution: Sistine

Question: Unit Of Length Equal To 220 Yards
Solution: Furlong

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