Codycross Inventions Group 60 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: Airplane Manufacturer Famous For 747
Solution: Boeing

Question: Animals Used For Riding Or Racing
Solution: Horses

Question: Area Between Two Mountains Or Hills
Solution: Valley

Question: Chinese Assortment Of Fried Dumplings
Solution: Dim sum

Question: Composer Who Refused Ever To Make An Opera
Solution: Brahms

Question: Dish Of Steamed Chinese Dumplings
Solution: Dim sum

Question: First Treaty To Divide The Carolingian Empire
Solution: Verdun

Question: Forever
Solution: Always

Question: Hot Kids Game Of Tossing Tuber
Solution: Potato

Question: Large Animals Used For Riding
Solution: Horses

Question: Message Boards Online Discussion Sites
Solution: Forums

Question: Restrictive Or Supportive Undergarment For Spine
Solution: Corset

Question: Showing Humble Views Of Merits Or Ego No Vanity
Solution: Modest

Question: Substance That Catalyzes Chemical Reactions
Solution: Enzyme

Question: Substance That Sets Off Chemical Reactions
Solution: Enzyme

Question: The Last Iconic Meal With Jesus And Disciples
Solution: Supper

Question: The Aorta Is The Largest One In The Body
Solution: Artery

Question: The Film Vs Won 5 Academy Awards In 1980
Solution: Kramer

Question: The Part Of The Body You Are Aiming To Attack
Solution: Target

Question: This Paddle Sport Can Be Also Called Crew
Solution: Rowing

Question: To Voluntarily Sign Up For Military Service
Solution: Enlist

Question: Of Wrath Steinbeck Novel On The Dust Bowl
Solution: Grapes

Question: Vs Won The Academy Awards In 1980
Solution: Kramer

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