Codycross Inventions Group 60 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency
Solution: Syndrome

Question: Barely Understood Sometimes Removed Organ
Solution: Appendix

Question: Companies Who Fund Sporting Events For Ad Purposes
Solution: Sponsors

Question: Diabolical Doppelganger
Solution: Evil twin

Question: Game Hosted By Allen Ludden
Solution: Password

Question: He Gives Name To A Constant Involving Molecules
Solution: Avogadro

Question: Hole Filled Bowl For Sieving Water From Vegetables
Solution: Colander

Question: If Its As Dead As A Then Its Dead Indeed
Solution: Doornail

Question: Legendary Place Of Wealth In South America
Solution: El dorado

Question: Lively Couples Dance From Spain Since 1700s
Solution: Fandango

Question: Mark Out As Evil Stigmatize
Solution: Demonize

Question: Mrs Is Loved More Than She Will Know
Solution: Robinson

Question: One Of The Oldest Inhabited Cities In The World
Solution: Damascus

Question: Organ Notorious For Becoming Inflamed Or Rupturing
Solution: Appendix

Question: Ryan Reynolds 2016 Superhero Movie
Solution: Deadpool

Question: Space By A Hearth
Solution: Fireside

Question: Split Personality Alter Ego
Solution: Evil twin

Question: Stock Where Brokers Buy And Sell
Solution: Exchange

Question: To Prepare Food So As To Avoid Decomposition
Solution: Preserve

Question: Upright Up And Down Not Horizontal
Solution: Vertical

Question: Very Spicy Indian Curry Dish
Solution: Vindaloo

Question: Vessels Are Taken There For Repair
Solution: Shipyard

Question: William Writer And Nobel Prize Laureate
Solution: Faulkner

Question: Winter Game Fight
Solution: Snowball

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