Codycross Inventions Group 60 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: Area That Contains Your Vocal Cords
Solution: Larynx

Question: Christophers Loveable Friend Honey Aficionado
Solution: Winnie

Question: Conjunction Similar In Meaning To While
Solution: Whilst

Question: Crewless Small Remote Controlled Flying Machines
Solution: Drones

Question: Device Used To Clean Air Or Fuel In A Car
Solution: Filter

Question: Draculas Sleeping Place Aka Casket
Solution: Coffin

Question: Dwarf Leopard Of Central And South America
Solution: Ocelot

Question: Excessive Pride In Ones Appearance Or Qualities
Solution: Vanity

Question: Fast Learners Are Quick On The
Solution: Uptake

Question: Gas Used To Fill Balloons Makes Voice Funny
Solution: Helium

Question: German Word For Emperor Caesar
Solution: Kaiser

Question: Gigantic Grey Wolf From Inuit Mythology
Solution: Amarok

Question: Glazed Aperture
Solution: Window

Question: Hairdo Business In The Front Party In The Back
Solution: Mullet

Question: Heavenly God Like Intervention
Solution: Divine

Question: Lilongwe Is The Capital Of
Solution: Malawi

Question: Main Ingredient In Saganaki
Solution: Cheese

Question: Mega Online Shop First Started With Books
Solution: Amazon

Question: Pinball The Who Single And Film
Solution: Wizard

Question: Player In Their First Year Of A Sport
Solution: Rookie

Question: Sixty Minus Forty Plus Ten
Solution: Thirty

Question: Soak In Hot Water To Release The Flavour
Solution: Infuse

Question: Source Of Civilization Along With Euphrates
Solution: Tigris

Question: Strong Sharp Taste Also Name For A Beer Type
Solution: Bitter

Question: The Marriage Of Mozarts Opera
Solution: Figaro

Question: The Box That Count Dracula Sleeps In
Solution: Coffin

Question: The Fear Of Being Alive Is Called Taphephobia
Solution: Buried

Question: Two Gentlemen Lived There In Shakespeare Comedy
Solution: Verona

Question: Vended Again
Solution: Resold

Question: Victorian Watch Chain
Solution: Albert

Question: What Comes After Autumn
Solution: Winter

Question: What Comes After Fall
Solution: Winter

Question: Word To Describe Anything That Contains Mass
Solution: Matter

Question: Wyatt Poet Imprisoned Accused Of Adultery
Solution: Thomas

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