Codycross Inventions Group 60 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Device That Sprays Water
Solution: Sprinkler

Question: A Small Flute
Solution: Flageolet

Question: Alexander Swedish Actor Of True Blood
Solution: Skarsgard

Question: All Four Open Tennis Titles At Once
Solution: Grand slam

Question: Blonde Sexy Woman Such As Actress Jean Harlow
Solution: Bombshell

Question: Chaos Theory Effect Small Change Future Result
Solution: Butterfly

Question: Construction Equipment With A Big Bucket To Dig
Solution: Excavator

Question: Coral That Lives On Rocky Areas Aka Vase Or Turban
Solution: Pagoda cup

Question: Davy Crockett Born On A Mountain Top In
Solution: Tennessee

Question: Demand Money For Kompromat
Solution: Blackmail

Question: Drew Swirly Doodles
Solution: Squiggled

Question: Filmmaking Process Used By Pixar Up Toy Story
Solution: Animation

Question: Game Played On A Table With A Cue Stick And Balls
Solution: Billiards

Question: Games Played On A Rectangular Table With Balls
Solution: Billiards

Question: Group Of People That Come Together For An Occasion
Solution: Gathering

Question: In Britain Book Identifier In A Library Shelf
Solution: Pressmark

Question: Libra Falls Within Part Of This Month
Solution: September

Question: Lined Card To Organize Information Pre Internet
Solution: Index card

Question: Old Time Facial Hair Long Upward Moustache
Solution: Handlebar

Question: Prehistoric Shark
Solution: Megalodon

Question: Rio De Janeiros Tourist Attraction
Solution: Sugar loaf

Question: Small French Cake Baked In A Shell Like Shape
Solution: Madeleine

Question: Soft Animal Toy Named After American President
Solution: Teddy bear

Question: State Of Being Untrue
Solution: Falsehood

Question: Synonym Of Tick Used In Writing
Solution: Check mark

Question: TV Series About An Female Alien Hero
Solution: Supergirl

Question: The Back Part Of The Body
Solution: Posterior

Question: Was A Bit Too Dramatic On Stage
Solution: Overacted

Question: What Edgar Allan Poes Raven Said
Solution: Nevermore

Question: Zion
Solution: Jerusalem

Question: Day Suitably Falls On Shakespeares Birthday
Solution: World book

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