Codycross Inventions Group 58 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Person Who Rules A Kingdom Or Empire
Solution: Monarch

Question: An Abolitionist Fought Against This
Solution: Slavery

Question: An Enclosed Structure In Which Heat Is Produced
Solution: Furnace

Question: Big Fluffy Floor Cushion Stuffed With Tiny Beads
Solution: Bean bag

Question: Bury This Weapon To Make Peace
Solution: Hatchet

Question: Cats Collectively
Solution: Clowder

Question: Determination Of Who Keeps A Minor Child
Solution: Custody

Question: Egg Laying Bird Raised For Its White Meat
Solution: Chicken

Question: Expensive Smelling Underground Fungus
Solution: Truffle

Question: Explosive Cocktail
Solution: Molotov

Question: Hitchcocks Masterpiece With James Stewart
Solution: Vertigo

Question: Large Impressive Residence Celebrities House
Solution: Mansion

Question: Makeup To Enhance The Eye
Solution: Mascara

Question: Monster Mix Of Lion Goat And Snake In Mythology
Solution: Chimera

Question: Newly Enlisted Military Member
Solution: Recruit

Question: Papal City
Solution: Vatican

Question: Phenomenon Studied By Galileo Newton And Einstein
Solution: Gravity

Question: Self Punishment Undertaken To Atone For Sin
Solution: Penance

Question: Texas Is Done To Country And Western Music
Solution: Twostep

Question: The One The Groom Relies On To Have His Back
Solution: Best man

Question: Tough Decision Between Equally Unfavourable Choices
Solution: Dilemma

Question: Very Expensive Mushroom Found Underground
Solution: Truffle

Question: Achenbach Was A German Landscape Painter
Solution: Andreas

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