Codycross Inventions Group 58 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Kettle Spout A Mans Nose An Insects
Solution: Proboscis

Question: Anagram Of Cart Horse
Solution: Orchestra

Question: Ancient Roman Province In Present Day Portugal
Solution: Lusitania

Question: Bugs Bunny Archenemy That Had A Speech Impediment
Solution: Elmer fudd

Question: Concentrated Light Used Eg For Medical Purposes
Solution: Laser beam

Question: Deterred Or Discouraged
Solution: Dissuaded

Question: Device That Sends Electrical Shocks To The Heart
Solution: Pacemaker

Question: In Tennis Only 1 Point Is Needed To Win The Game
Solution: Game point

Question: Its A Life Classic Christmas Movie
Solution: Wonderful

Question: Lemony Tequila Drink Frozen Or On The Rocks
Solution: Margarita

Question: Maurice Song Thank Heaven For Little Girls
Solution: Chevalier

Question: Napoleons First Wifes First Name
Solution: Josephine

Question: Off Hand Unrehearsed
Solution: Impromptu

Question: Pea Sized Gland Controls Growth Blood Pressure
Solution: Pituitary

Question: Percussion Instrument From Mexico
Solution: Tamborita

Question: Performing Partner Of Tiger Victim Roy
Solution: Siegfried

Question: Producing Blooms
Solution: Flowering

Question: Puzzle With Letters And Black Squares
Solution: Crossword

Question: Rows Of Sewing On The Seams Of Clothes
Solution: Stitching

Question: Slimy Ghost Goo
Solution: Ectoplasm

Question: Some Are Wise And Some Are
Solution: Otherwise

Question: Someone Who Works With Or Carves Wood
Solution: Carpenter

Question: Spray Blown From Waves
Solution: Spindrift

Question: They Make Hats
Solution: Milliners

Question: Written And Printed Publishers Opinion
Solution: Editorial

Question: Wrote Or Drew In A Scruffy Way
Solution: Scribbled

Question: You Would Expect To Find Examples In An Orchard
Solution: Apple tree

Question: Disc Distant Circumstellar Disc In Solar System
Solution: Scattered

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