Codycross Inventions Group 58 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: At Once In Good Time
Solution: Promptly

Question: Bronte Love Story With Mr Rochester
Solution: Jane eyre

Question: Daley Two Time UK Gold Medal Winning Decathlete
Solution: Thompson

Question: Day Of The Week That Solomon Grundy Took Ill
Solution: Thursday

Question: Dislikes Intensely
Solution: Despises

Question: Empty Tomb Or Monument Erected In Memory Of Someone
Solution: Cenotaph

Question: Galaxy That Contains Our Solar System
Solution: Milky way

Question: Not Having Insomnia
Solution: Sleeping

Question: Nymph Of Artemis Turned Into A Bear
Solution: Callisto

Question: Often Served With Sausage Gravy In The South
Solution: Biscuits

Question: Pale Thin Salty Chinese Sauce
Solution: Light soy

Question: Really Fast Runners
Solution: Cheetahs

Question: Religious Sacrament Contract Between Two People
Solution: Marriage

Question: Romanian Gymnast Who Got The Perfect Score
Solution: Comaneci

Question: Sci Fi Show About An Astronaut In A Wormhole
Solution: Farscape

Question: Screw With A Cross Slot
Solution: Phillips

Question: Someone Who Works As What Dora The Cartoon Does
Solution: Explorer

Question: Storages For Food Below 0 Degrees
Solution: Freezers

Question: The Amount Or Number Of Something
Solution: Quantity

Question: The Capital Of India
Solution: New delhi

Question: The Legal Union Of Two People
Solution: Marriage

Question: To Take Money Out Of The Bank
Solution: Withdraw

Question: Trick Taking Card Game
Solution: Pinochle

Question: Trouser Suspenders Once
Solution: Galluses

Question: Use These Machines To Make Smoothies
Solution: Blenders

Question: Ventilation From The Top Of The House
Solution: Attic fan

Question: Walks In An Arrogant Manner
Solution: Swaggers

Question: Whoopi 80s Comedian Co Host Of The View
Solution: Goldberg

Question: Yellow Pigmentation Of The Skin
Solution: Jaundice

Question: Benz Janis Joplins Final Song
Solution: Mercedes

Question: Crusoe Is Daniel Defoes Castaway
Solution: Robinson

Question: Planet 2002 Animated Science Fiction Film
Solution: Treasure

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