Codycross Inventions Group 56 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Box Of 64 Is A Colorful Gift
Solution: Crayons

Question: A Slight Suspicion About Something
Solution: Inkling

Question: A Specialist In A Particular Branch Of Study
Solution: Scholar

Question: A Theory That Explains The Origin Of The Universe
Solution: Big bang

Question: Athena Counterpart In Roman Mythology
Solution: Minerva

Question: Bewildered Confused Frustrated
Solution: Baffled

Question: Cough Mixture
Solution: Linctus

Question: Decorative Frontages On Buildings
Solution: Facades

Question: Depart Secretly And Quickly To Avoid Capture
Solution: Abscond

Question: He Is The Theme Of Park North Of Paris Opened In 1989
Solution: Asterix

Question: Hero Of The Novel Pride And Prejudice
Solution: Mr darcy

Question: Large Prying Tool Used By Criminals In Movies
Solution: Crowbar

Question: Name Of First Mechanical Slot Machine Bell
Solution: Liberty

Question: Not Tested
Solution: Untried

Question: Spiky Purple Flower Symbolic Of Scotland
Solution: Thistle

Question: St Irish Monk Toured North Western Europe
Solution: Brendan

Question: Stick For Balancing In Winter Sport
Solution: Ski pole

Question: Style Of Sunglasses With Large Lenses
Solution: Aviator

Question: Sweet Food Eaten At The End Of A Meal
Solution: Dessert

Question: To Make Designs In Metal Or Glass By Using Acid
Solution: Etching

Question: Virgin Mary Appeared In This Small French Town
Solution: Lourdes

Question: What Casino Dealers Do With Cards
Solution: Shuffle

Question: Womens Dress Hanging Straight From The Shoulders
Solution: Chemise

Question: Writer Comedian Famous For SNL 30 Rock
Solution: Tina fey

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