Codycross Inventions Group 56 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Person Who Supervises The Safety At The Beach
Solution: Lifeguard

Question: Ancient Greek Writer Of Tragedies
Solution: Sophocles

Question: Antonio Vivaldis Nickname
Solution: Red priest

Question: Can Be Halted
Solution: Stoppable

Question: Chose To Cease Being A Ruling Monarch
Solution: Abdicated

Question: City Venue For The Nobel Prize Givings
Solution: Stockholm

Question: Cut Your Coat To Your Cloth
Solution: According

Question: David Lynch Cult TV Series
Solution: Twin peaks

Question: Day For Ghouls Monsters And Trick Or Treating
Solution: Halloween

Question: Decency Decorum
Solution: Propriety

Question: Device To Capture Rodents
Solution: Mouse trap

Question: Egyptian Dynasty After Alexanders Death
Solution: Ptolemaic

Question: Feeds On Decaying Flesh
Solution: Scavenger

Question: Gene That Is Not Dominant
Solution: Recessive

Question: German Sausage Often Eaten In Buns With Mustard
Solution: Bratwurst

Question: Invisible Line That Divides Teams On Football Downs
Solution: Scrimmage

Question: Items Like Moisturizer Blush And Eyeshadow
Solution: Cosmetics

Question: Largest Central American Republic
Solution: Nicaragua

Question: Name Given To The Master Gland Of The Human Body
Solution: Pituitary

Question: Secured With A Key And Metal Fastening Device
Solution: Padlocked

Question: Song From Evita Dont Cry For Me
Solution: Argentina

Question: The USB Was Launched In 1996
Solution: Interface

Question: Those Who Are Employed
Solution: Workforce

Question: Wear Less Formal Clothing
Solution: Dress down

Question: Around Fooling Around Like A Primate
Solution: Monkeying

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