Codycross Inventions Group 56 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: 12 Am Height Of Night A Scary Hour
Solution: Midnight

Question: 80s Band That Made People Jump
Solution: Van halen

Question: A Witchs Pot Boiling With Glowing Goo
Solution: Cauldron

Question: A Witchs Pot Where Spells Brew
Solution: Cauldron

Question: Bible Book Of Inspirational Passages
Solution: Proverbs

Question: Blue Gemstone September Birthstone
Solution: Sapphire

Question: Brazilian Acrobatic Martial Art Created By Slaves
Solution: Capoeira

Question: Father Of The Study Of Groups Of People
Solution: Durkheim

Question: Gauge That Tells You How Many Miles Are On A Car
Solution: Odometer

Question: Great Pain Anxiety Sorrow
Solution: Distress

Question: HBOs Premium Cable Competitor
Solution: Showtime

Question: Joan Sister Of Olivia De Havilland
Solution: Fontaine

Question: Just Below The Emperor Austrian Title
Solution: Archduke

Question: Mirror For Looking Back In A Vehicle
Solution: Rear view

Question: Number Of Seats In A Restaurant When Full
Solution: Capacity

Question: One Hundred Years Of The Buendia Family Saga
Solution: Solitude

Question: Opposite Incompatible
Solution: Contrary

Question: Part Of A Building Partially Or Wholly Underground
Solution: Basement

Question: Programs On A Computer Removable
Solution: Software

Question: Proof Used To Distinguish Gold From Other Metals
Solution: Acid test

Question: Publishing Pros Who Order Contents Into Lists
Solution: Indexers

Question: Sofia Is The Capital Of
Solution: Bulgaria

Question: Roll Circular Pastry Known For Its Spice
Solution: Cinnamon

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