Codycross Inventions Group 55 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: Angie Actress Of Dressed To Kill
Solution: Dickinson

Question: Chief Job That Masons Attribute To God
Solution: Architect

Question: Chinese Waterway Located Between 2 Largest Rivers
Solution: Huai river

Question: Confessions Of A Mind With Roberts And Pitt
Solution: Dangerous

Question: Dome Gold Roofed Shrine In Jerusalem
Solution: Of the rock

Question: Heathcliffs Love In Wuthering Heights
Solution: Catherine

Question: In Law Honesty Of Intention
Solution: Bonafides

Question: Jumpin 1968 Single By Jagger And Richards
Solution: Jack flash

Question: Lengthy Legendary Family Feud Vs McCoys
Solution: Hatfields

Question: Meat Browned Stewed And Served In Its Sauce
Solution: Fricassee

Question: Michael Jacksons 1992 1993 World Tour
Solution: Dangerous

Question: Peas Beans Or Susan
Solution: Black eyed

Question: Platos Most Famous Pupil
Solution: Aristotle

Question: Small Marsupial From Australia And New Guinea
Solution: Bandicoot

Question: Something Repulsive Disgusting
Solution: Revolting

Question: South Florida 80s Crime Show With Don Johnson
Solution: Miami vice

Question: Spring And Autumn Period Chinese Philosopher
Solution: Confucius

Question: Theory Supported By The Idea Of Natural Selection
Solution: Evolution

Question: Unexpectedly Reverse Ones Previous Opinion
Solution: Back pedal

Question: Unseen Commentary Narration In A TV Or Film
Solution: Voiceover

Question: Very Absorbent Towels May Be Made Of This
Solution: Huckaback

Question: Wave This To Show You Surrender
Solution: White flag

Question: Winners
Solution: Champions

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