Codycross Inventions Group 55 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Path For Taking A Horse Riding
Solution: Bridleway

Question: A Promise Or Warranty
Solution: Guarantee

Question: A Strand Of Matted Hair Especially Afro Hair
Solution: Dreadlock

Question: Accessories For Shirt Cuffs
Solution: Cufflinks

Question: Bill Gates Started This Company
Solution: Microsoft

Question: Catherine Welsh Hollywood Actress
Solution: Zeta jones

Question: City On Ukraines Border With Belarus NE Of Kiev
Solution: Chernobyl

Question: Coast To Coast US Bus Line
Solution: Greyhound

Question: Collier One Who Digs Up Bituminous Rock
Solution: Coal miner

Question: Fourth Base In Baseball
Solution: Home plate

Question: Got Ready To Perform In Front Of An Audience
Solution: Rehearsed

Question: Hard Shelled Pupa Of A Moth Or Butterfly
Solution: Chrysalis

Question: Jewelry For Men Used In Button Shirts
Solution: Cufflinks

Question: Joe Wicks Is Known As The
Solution: Body coach

Question: Loss Of Motor Function Voluntary Movements
Solution: Paralysis

Question: Louisa American Author Of Little Women
Solution: May alcott

Question: Metallic Festive Covering Comes In A Can
Solution: Gold spray

Question: Millionaires Billionaires Science Of Wealth
Solution: Aphnology

Question: O Romeo Romeo Art Thou Romeo
Solution: Wherefore

Question: Pace At Which Those Marrying In Haste Repent
Solution: At leisure

Question: Ridley Scott Russell Crowe Oscar Winning Film
Solution: Gladiator

Question: Shooting Game That Will Leave Stains
Solution: Paintball

Question: TV Programmes Where Prizes Can Be Won
Solution: Game shows

Question: TV Series In Which Prizes Can Be Won
Solution: Game shows

Question: Taking After The Leader
Solution: Following

Question: The Song Of Dubbed The Brother Of Marseillaise
Solution: Departure

Question: Ukraines Border With Belarus Northeast Of Kiev
Solution: Chernobyl

Question: Utah Lake Famous For Its Salinity
Solution: Great salt

Question: Yellow French Sauce Similar To Tartar
Solution: Remoulade

Question: Of The Galaxy
Solution: Guardians

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