Codycross Inventions Group 53 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Special Anniversary Of An Event 50 Years
Solution: Jubilee

Question: A Temporary Solution
Solution: Stopgap

Question: Buy Meat Here
Solution: Butcher

Question: Conforming To Accepted Standards Of Conduct
Solution: Ethical

Question: Dictator Led Government Based On Nationalism
Solution: Fascism

Question: Empress Wife Of The Ruler Of Russia
Solution: Czarina

Question: Forcefully Departed From A Crashing Plane
Solution: Ejected

Question: Glass Containers For Wine
Solution: Bottles

Question: Greatest Arab Traveller Of Middle Ages Ibn
Solution: Battuta

Question: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of
Solution: Azkaban

Question: Japanese Gastropub Similar To A Tapas Bar
Solution: Izakaya

Question: List Of Pages Of A Website Accessible To Users
Solution: Sitemap

Question: Major Prophet God Will Strengthen
Solution: Ezekiel

Question: Michelangelo Painted This Famous Chapel
Solution: Sistine

Question: Milli Infamous German Duo Caught Faking It
Solution: Vanilli

Question: Napoleons Birthplace
Solution: Ajaccio

Question: People You Are Related To
Solution: Kinfolk

Question: Place Or Structure That Offers Protection
Solution: Shelter

Question: Putting Money On Horses Or Playing Blackjack
Solution: Betting

Question: Relieves Pain
Solution: Soothes

Question: Small Fruit That Resembles An Orange
Solution: Kumquat

Question: The Concept Of Spray Cans Began In 1790
Solution: Aerosol

Question: The Maid Was Hanging These Out In The Garden
Solution: Clothes

Question: You Need This To Legally Drive A Car
Solution: License

Question: Zodiac Starts With The Letter S
Solution: Scorpio

Question: Gump Won The Academy Awards In 1995
Solution: Forrest

Question: Seat Emergency Escape Device For Fighter Pilot
Solution: Ejector

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