Codycross Inventions Group 52 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Duck Billed
Solution: Platypus

Question: An Induced State Of Human Consciousness
Solution: Hypnosis

Question: Ana Lucia In Lost Rodriguez
Solution: Michelle

Question: Arriving Or Acting At The Right Time
Solution: Punctual

Question: Body Is The Art Of Gaining Muscles
Solution: Building

Question: Dating Game Show Hosted By Chris Harrison
Solution: Bachelor

Question: Enter Land Illegally
Solution: Trespass

Question: Flimsy Strappy Womens Top A Female Vest
Solution: Camisole

Question: Friendship Love Named After A Greek Philosopher
Solution: Platonic

Question: Inflated Ring For Water Safety
Solution: Life belt

Question: Japanese Suicide Pilot
Solution: Kamikaze

Question: Ken Aussie Tennis Champ Straddled The Open Era
Solution: Rosewall

Question: Legumes Used To Make Miso
Solution: Soybeans

Question: Maps That Show Where You Can Submerge In The Ocean
Solution: Dive site

Question: Medically Known As Allergic Rhinitis
Solution: Hay fever

Question: Other Name For Beethovens Sixth Symphony The
Solution: Pastoral

Question: Permanent Legal Residence Address
Solution: Domicile

Question: Professional In Form Of Civil Electrical Etc
Solution: Engineer

Question: Something Worn On The Breast Cross
Solution: Pectoral

Question: Tall Tropical Plant On Which Coconuts Grow
Solution: Palmtree

Question: The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mr Morris A Film
Solution: Lessmore

Question: Theological School For Clergymen
Solution: Seminary

Question: They Play The Snare
Solution: Drummers

Question: This Star Has Guided Ships For Centuries
Solution: Northern

Question: To Enter Someone Elses Land Without Permission
Solution: Trespass

Question: Tropical Tree With Tall Trunk And Large Leaves
Solution: Palmtree

Question: Unpleasant Physical Effects From Drinking Too Much
Solution: Hangover

Question: And Guinevere Adulterous Couple
Solution: Lancelot

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