Codycross Inventions Group 52 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: American Type Of Salami Usually Found On Pizza
Solution: Pepperoni

Question: Another Name For Garbanzo Beans
Solution: Chickpeas

Question: Another Word For Biosphere
Solution: Ecosphere

Question: Collected Writings
Solution: Anthology

Question: Gallileos Device For Seeing The Stars Up Close
Solution: Telescope

Question: Image Orientation Thats Wider Than It Is High
Solution: Landscape

Question: Inverse Operation To Exponentiation
Solution: Logarithm

Question: Jail Release Subject To Good Behavior
Solution: Probation

Question: Knowledge After The Event
Solution: Hindsight

Question: Law To Protect From Plagiarism
Solution: Copyright

Question: Non Verbal And Non Physical Communication
Solution: Telepathy

Question: Observation Period Of A New Employee
Solution: Probation

Question: Procedure In Pregnancy To Have Access To The Fetus
Solution: Fetoscopy

Question: Russian Industrial City On The River Volga
Solution: Volgograd

Question: Study Of Disease
Solution: Pathology

Question: Synthetic Grass Patented In 1965
Solution: Astroturf

Question: The Daughter Of Necessity
Solution: Invention

Question: University Of Kentucky City Revolutionary Battle
Solution: Lexington

Question: Used To See Across Trenches And In Submarines
Solution: Periscope

Question: Woollen Headwear Topped With A Pom Pom
Solution: Bobble hat

Question: Waltz Won An Oscar For Inglorious Basterds
Solution: Christoph

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