Codycross Inventions Group 52 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: Charles Creator Of Evolutionary Theory
Solution: Darwin

Question: Cop Song That Riled Up 90s Politicians
Solution: Killer

Question: Creator Of Evolutionary Theory By Natural Selection
Solution: Darwin

Question: Dark Dim Deeply Shaded Emotionally
Solution: Gloomy

Question: Egyptians Used Stones As This Bedding Item
Solution: Pillow

Question: Electric Water Heats Water Quickly
Solution: Boiler

Question: Genetic Predisposition To Certain Traits
Solution: Anlage

Question: Heavy Item Dropped To Keep A Ship In Place
Solution: Anchor

Question: Large Area Controlled By One Ruler
Solution: Empire

Question: Liquid In The Blood That Holds Cells Together
Solution: Plasma

Question: Oedipus Brought Her To Death
Solution: Sphinx

Question: Someone Who Examines TV For Language
Solution: Censor

Question: State Of Something Illegally Taken From Another
Solution: Stolen

Question: Utterly Illogical Untrue Senseless Laughable
Solution: Absurd

Question: Workmans Must Tool To Loosen Tighten Nuts
Solution: Wrench

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