Codycross Inventions Group 50 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Jeer Or Remark At A Live Stage Performance
Solution: Cat call

Question: Abdominal External Muscle
Solution: Oblique

Question: Biggest
Solution: Largest

Question: Bram Stokers Tale Of Transylvania
Solution: Dracula

Question: Chicken Turkey Meat From Birds
Solution: Poultry

Question: Country That Shares Name With A State In The US
Solution: Georgia

Question: Describes Sandals With Many Thin Crossovers
Solution: Strappy

Question: Girl Who Is Magically Transported Away From Kansas
Solution: Dorothy

Question: It Was Invented In 1771 By A British Engineer
Solution: Air pump

Question: Jamon Spanish Cured Ham
Solution: Serrano

Question: Large American Real Estate Company 21
Solution: Century

Question: Member Of Group Containing Humans And Great Apes
Solution: Hominid

Question: No Wobbles With This Steady Skill
Solution: Balance

Question: Not Modern
Solution: Antique

Question: Organs That Regulate Electrolytes In The Blood
Solution: Kidneys

Question: Professor Without Permanent Status
Solution: Adjunct

Question: Ryan Murphy Drama Set At A Plastic Surgery Center
Solution: Nip tuck

Question: Shyness Or Reservation Hesitancy Modesty
Solution: Coyness

Question: Simulated By Another Computer Or Software
Solution: Virtual

Question: Special Reindeer With A Red Nose
Solution: Rudolph

Question: St Augustine Patron Saint Of Brewers
Solution: Of hippo

Question: Title Role In Shakespeare In Love Joseph
Solution: Fiennes

Question: To Be Without Employment
Solution: Jobless

Question: Two And A Charlie Sheen Raunchy Sitcom
Solution: Half men

Question: Vegetable Loved By Popeye And Hated By Children
Solution: Spinach

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