Codycross Inventions Group 50 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Building Custodian Or Manager
Solution: Caretaker

Question: A Dessert In Which Sherry Or Brandy Is Added
Solution: Tipsy cake

Question: A Place Where A Person Lives
Solution: Residence

Question: A Word With The Five Vowels In Alphabetical Order
Solution: Facetious

Question: An Image With Urban Scenery As Its Primary Focus
Solution: City scape

Question: Cool Nonchalant
Solution: Unruffled

Question: Countryside Dwelling Rodents
Solution: Field mice

Question: Dallas Play At The American Airlines Center
Solution: Mavericks

Question: Designated Route For Riding Bikes
Solution: Cycle lane

Question: Famous Italian Mathematician From The Middle Ages
Solution: Fibonacci

Question: Fire Breathing Insect
Solution: Dragonfly

Question: Goodbyes
Solution: Farewells

Question: Green Vegetable Peas Within Edible Pods
Solution: Mangetout

Question: Hairdo Popular In The 18th Century
Solution: Pompadour

Question: In Typography Capital Letters
Solution: Upper case

Question: Innocent Plea
Solution: Not guilty

Question: Innocent Plea In Court
Solution: Not guilty

Question: Interior Designer
Solution: Decorator

Question: Janitor Custodian
Solution: Caretaker

Question: Main Antagonist Of Harry Potter Lord
Solution: Voldemort

Question: Musical Instrument Used In Flamenco Performances
Solution: Castanets

Question: Name Of The Search For People Accused Of Sorcery
Solution: Witch hunt

Question: Nevus
Solution: Birthmark

Question: Refrigerator Microwave Oven Stove
Solution: Appliance

Question: Reverberated Filled The Air
Solution: Resounded

Question: Scientist Who Said There Could Be Life Outside Earth
Solution: Carl sagan

Question: Sheaths For Swords
Solution: Scabbards

Question: Where The Water Meets The Land
Solution: Shoreline

Question: Without Drawing Attention To Oneself
Solution: Unnoticed

Question: Republic Shares The Island Of Hispaniola
Solution: Dominican

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