Codycross Inventions Group 50 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: Chocolate Rich Dessert With Nuts
Solution: Brownie

Question: Code Name For The First Atomic Bomb Test
Solution: Trinity

Question: Crew Brigade Company Squad
Solution: Platoon

Question: Discerns
Solution: Detects

Question: Dr Houses First Name
Solution: Gregory

Question: Free From Doubt Sure Confident
Solution: Certain

Question: French Location Of Monets Waterlily Pond
Solution: Giverny

Question: General Hospital Attendant Nonmedical
Solution: Orderly

Question: HBO Show About Modern Polygamists
Solution: Big love

Question: Highest Ranking Naval Officer In The US Navy
Solution: Admiral

Question: Hypersensitivity Eg Hay Fever
Solution: Allergy

Question: Loss Of Memory Usually From Brain Injury
Solution: Amnesia

Question: Low Class To Caesar
Solution: Plebian

Question: Main Dutch Port In The 17th Century Caribbean
Solution: CuraƧao

Question: Muslim Fasting Holiday
Solution: Ramadan

Question: Muslim Fasting Month
Solution: Ramadan

Question: Never Ask Pardon Before You Are
Solution: Accused

Question: Pastures
Solution: Meadows

Question: Plant With Bitter Tasting Leaves Used In Salads
Solution: Chicory

Question: Release From Captivity Or Slavery
Solution: Freedom

Question: Rich Chocolate Square Dessert
Solution: Brownie

Question: Streaming Site Originally Mail Order DVD Service
Solution: Netflix

Question: Territory Within Another Territory
Solution: Enclave

Question: The 1st Use Of Power For Electricity Was In 1951
Solution: Nuclear

Question: These People Stayed At The YMCA
Solution: Village

Question: To Have Confidence Something Is True Without Proof
Solution: Believe

Question: Crowe Subject Of Director Of Almost Famous
Solution: Cameron

Question: Tower Building From Where Planes Are Directed
Solution: Control

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