Codycross Inventions Group 49 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Person Who Mixes And Serves Drinks
Solution: Bartender

Question: Birthplace Of William Shakespeare Upon Avon
Solution: Stratford

Question: Bodily System That Processes Food
Solution: Digestive

Question: Costco Warehouse Club Founded In Seattle
Solution: Wholesale

Question: FM Radio Was Patented By Edwin In 1933
Solution: Armstrong

Question: Famous British American Band Mac
Solution: Fleetwood

Question: Fill A Space Beyond Capacity Congested
Solution: Overcrowd

Question: First Powder For Firearms Was Invented In 1884
Solution: Smokeless

Question: Orca Returns To The Ocean In This Film
Solution: Free willy

Question: Painting Or Drawing Executed By Means Of Small Dots
Solution: Stippling

Question: Princess Young Member Of The British Royalty
Solution: Charlotte

Question: Protestant Who Follows Teachings Of Wesleys
Solution: Methodist

Question: Publication For Children With Tales
Solution: Storybook

Question: Ruled By Vanity Only Interested In Oneself
Solution: Egotistic

Question: Sometimes Staged Fighting With Blades
Solution: Swordplay

Question: Sports And Exercises Requiring Strength
Solution: Athletics

Question: Surname Of A Famous Acting Family In The US
Solution: Barrymore

Question: The King Of Crete Commanded The Building Of The
Solution: Labyrinth

Question: The Rate At Which Something Is Repeated
Solution: Frequency

Question: Wavelength On Which A Radio Signal Is Transmitted
Solution: Frequency

Question: What A Witness States In A Court Of Law
Solution: Testimony

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