Codycross Inventions Group 49 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Winter Olympic Sport
Solution: Bobsleigh

Question: A Period Of Three Years
Solution: Triennium

Question: Bristled Device For Combing Locks
Solution: Hairbrush

Question: Bristled Instrument For Combing Your Locks
Solution: Hairbrush

Question: Character From Peanuts Obsessed With Beethoven
Solution: Schroeder

Question: Crown Conferred On Norma Jean Baker Queen
Solution: Artichoke

Question: Decoration At The Foot Of A Printed Page
Solution: Tailpiece

Question: Devotion Fondness Love
Solution: Affection

Question: Director Of The Sci Fi Parody Spaceballs
Solution: Mel brooks

Question: Ecclesiastical Friend Of Robin Hood
Solution: Friar tuck

Question: Hong Kong Born Designer Inspired By Natural Fibres
Solution: John rocha

Question: Hotel Employee Who Helps You With Excursions
Solution: Concierge

Question: Inhaling And Exhaling
Solution: Breathing

Question: Instrument That Must Be Played With The Mouth
Solution: Saxophone

Question: It Means Fifty In French
Solution: Cinquante

Question: Large Place Where Water Is Stored
Solution: Reservoir

Question: Large Stately Burial Room That Houses A Tomb
Solution: Mausoleum

Question: Political And Social System During The Middle Ages
Solution: Feudalism

Question: Process Set Of Rules Used In Computer Programming
Solution: Algorithm

Question: Set Of Glasses Cups Used To Set Table
Solution: Drinkware

Question: Small Shed Like Control Point On The Railways
Solution: Signal box

Question: Substance Used Like Butter
Solution: Margarine

Question: The Semi Arid Part Of Southern Argentina
Solution: Patagonia

Question: Wholegrain Carb Grown In Paddy Fields
Solution: Brown rice

Question: Wrestling
Solution: Grappling

Question: For Sugar Man Sixto Rodriguez Rediscovery
Solution: Searching

Question: Knife Utility Tool Set Traditionally Red
Solution: Swiss army

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