Codycross Inventions Group 49 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: Bejeweled Hairpiece Worn By Princesses
Solution: Tiaras

Question: Cant See The For The Trees
Solution: Forest

Question: Danced Mostly By Men Bells Are Tied To Their Legs
Solution: Morris

Question: Decorate Architectural Forms With Miniatures
Solution: Purfle

Question: Distinctive Bold Kenspeckle
Solution: Marked

Question: Eating Room Sometimes Reserved For Guests
Solution: Dining

Question: First Popular Web Browser In 1993
Solution: Mosaic

Question: Having More Speed
Solution: Faster

Question: It Was Invented From Boiling Wine By A Dutch Man
Solution: Brandy

Question: Item Of Elegance Not A Necessity
Solution: Luxury

Question: Judges Decision On A Matter
Solution: Ruling

Question: Main Raw Material Grown In A Region
Solution: Staple

Question: Medieval Tapestry Depicting The Battle Of Hastings
Solution: Bayeux

Question: Opposite Of Everybody
Solution: Nobody

Question: Positively Charged Subatomic Particle
Solution: Proton

Question: Punctuation Word Separator Joiner
Solution: Hyphen

Question: Roadside Inns
Solution: Motels

Question: Smaller Insect Also A VW Car
Solution: Beetle

Question: Someone Who Takes You For A Ride Swindler
Solution: Conman

Question: Sparkly Headpieces Worn By Princesses
Solution: Tiaras

Question: The Capital Of South Dakota
Solution: Pierre

Question: Scott Scottish Novelist Who Wrote Ivanhoe
Solution: Walter

Question: With Wolves Won The Academy Awards In 1991
Solution: Dances

Question: Room Sometimes Reserved For Guests To Eat
Solution: Dining

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