Codycross Inventions Group 48 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: Al Fez Arguably The Worlds Oldest University
Solution: Karaouine

Question: Antonym Of Cheap
Solution: Expensive

Question: Arabic Expression Meaning God Willing
Solution: Inshallah

Question: Author Of The Ancient Greek Tragedy Oedipus Rex
Solution: Sophocles

Question: Central Church Of The Diocese Bishops HQ
Solution: Cathedral

Question: Device For Storing Information On A Computer
Solution: Hard drive

Question: Electromagnetic Energy Used In Medicine
Solution: Radiation

Question: General Name For Domesticated Farm Animals
Solution: Livestock

Question: Gullies Are Formed By Heavy Rains
Solution: Prolonged

Question: Invention Somehow Related To X Rays
Solution: Lightbulb

Question: Joint Pain Condition
Solution: Arthritis

Question: Joint Pain Often Felt By The Elderly
Solution: Arthritis

Question: Member Of The Gunpowder Plot In London In 1605
Solution: Guy fawkes

Question: Nickname For Briton Voting To Leave The EU
Solution: Brexiteer

Question: Nifty Practical
Solution: Effective

Question: Novel By Nick Hornby Turned Into A Film
Solution: About a boy

Question: Object Used To Open Bottles Of Wine
Solution: Corkscrew

Question: One Who Stages Ballets
Solution: Regisseur

Question: Ornament Decoration
Solution: Adornment

Question: Outdoor Splash Center With Slides
Solution: Waterpark

Question: Owen Last Native Welsh Prince Of Wales
Solution: Glendower

Question: Prom Is Its Short Form
Solution: Promenade

Question: Purely And Simply
Solution: Downright

Question: Ray Invented The E Mail In 1971
Solution: Tomlinson

Question: Safety Devices In Cars
Solution: Seat belts

Question: Shoes That Make A Person Look Taller
Solution: High heels

Question: Sign Design Used To Identify Products Companies
Solution: Trademark

Question: Small Thin Sausage
Solution: Chipolata

Question: Starting Point
Solution: Beginning

Question: Term Used To Define Complete Vision Loss
Solution: Blindness

Question: The Wacky Races Log Ride With Saws As Wheels
Solution: Buzzwagon

Question: The And Symbol On A Keyboard
Solution: Ampersand

Question: The Capital Of Somalia
Solution: Mogadishu

Question: To Give In Especially At The End Of A Battle
Solution: Surrender

Question: Vanderbilt Commodores Are From TN
Solution: Nashville

Question: What Strikers Kick Into Soccer Goals
Solution: Footballs

Question: Only We Know Keane Hit
Solution: Somewhere

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