Codycross Inventions Group 48 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: Applauded Vocally Hollered And Rooted For
Solution: Cheered

Question: Cartridge Patented By Casimir Lefaucheux In 1835
Solution: Pinfire

Question: Conqueror Of The Incan Empire
Solution: Pizarro

Question: Device For Catching Smooches On Screen At Stadiums
Solution: Kiss cam

Question: Egyptian Goddess Of Water Consort To Set
Solution: Nephtys

Question: Fargo And Burn After Reading Actress McDormand
Solution: Frances

Question: Figaro Is A Barber In This City In The Opera
Solution: Seville

Question: Fought In A Bar
Solution: Brawled

Question: Horse Creature With The Torso Of A Man
Solution: Centaur

Question: Lisa Lobes TLC Nickname
Solution: Left eye

Question: Obviously Without Any Blurring
Solution: Clearly

Question: Open Position Hotel Room Available
Solution: Vacancy

Question: Regulated Plan Such As For Diet Or Exercise
Solution: Regimen

Question: Saturday And Sunday
Solution: Weekend

Question: Sheeps Woolly Coats
Solution: Fleeces

Question: Small Town Football Team Whose Fans Wear Cheese
Solution: Packers

Question: Symptom Of Odd Neural Activity
Solution: Seizure

Question: The Science Of Life
Solution: Biology

Question: The Shape Or Outline Of The Armhole
Solution: Armscye

Question: Tolkien Wizard
Solution: Gandalf

Question: Written Video Or Audio On A Website
Solution: Content

Question: And Cream Beloved Ice Cream Flavor
Solution: Cookies

Question: Boot Decorative Heeled Footwear For Cowboys
Solution: Western

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