Codycross Inventions Group 47 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Chess Piece
Solution: Knight

Question: A Chivalrous Chess Piece
Solution: Knight

Question: A Quizzing Game Involving Interesting Facts
Solution: Trivia

Question: A Quizzing Game Involving Obscure Facts
Solution: Trivia

Question: Another Word For Suppose Or Think
Solution: Reckon

Question: Detroit Based Music Sound
Solution: Motown

Question: He Invented The Morse Code In 1836
Solution: Samuel

Question: Hunger Not Eating As Part Of A Protest
Solution: Strike

Question: Jean French Corsair Who Captured Aztec Gold
Solution: Fleury

Question: Man Of Steel Faster Than A Speeding
Solution: Bullet

Question: Metal Pot To Boil Liquid Such As Water For Tea
Solution: Kettle

Question: Naturally Protected Against Diseases
Solution: Immune

Question: Paper Used For Writing In Ancient Times
Solution: Scroll

Question: Psychoactive Compound Found In A Species Of Poppy
Solution: Opiate

Question: Rebel Pitch Perfect Actress Comedian
Solution: Wilson

Question: Roasted Malts Make These Dark Beers
Solution: Stouts

Question: Six Letters Invention Of Whitcomb Judson 1890s
Solution: Zipper

Question: Smart Intelligent
Solution: Clever

Question: Someone Who Cuts Mens Hair
Solution: Barber

Question: Stock Index NASDAQ Down Jones SP
Solution: Market

Question: The Oldest One Discovered In Pi Ramesses In Qantir
Solution: Stable

Question: Trudeau Justins Father Ex PM Of Canada
Solution: Pierre

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