Codycross Inventions Group 47 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Patients Medical History
Solution: Anamnesis

Question: Adverb Meaning In Strict Sense Commonly Misused
Solution: Literally

Question: Aircraft That Can Land On Water
Solution: Seaplanes

Question: Beings Often Of The Unpleasant Animal Kind
Solution: Creatures

Question: Body Parts Separated By The Neck
Solution: Shoulders

Question: Commonly Misused Adverb Meaning In Strict Sense
Solution: Literally

Question: Cue And Balls Game Similar To Pool And Snooker
Solution: Billiards

Question: Dance Duet In Ballet Usually Performed By A Couple
Solution: Pas de deux

Question: Disastrous Drop Of Snow On A Mountain
Solution: Avalanche

Question: England Cricketer Famous For Long Distance Walks
Solution: Ian botham

Question: Highest Executive Officer In A Republic
Solution: President

Question: Highest Executive Position In The United States
Solution: President

Question: John Loud Invented And Patented This Pen In 1888
Solution: Ballpoint

Question: Led The Greeks In The Trojan War
Solution: Agamemnon

Question: Mass Of Snow That Falls Rapidly Down A Mountain
Solution: Avalanche

Question: Moroccan City Sung About By Crosby Stills Nash
Solution: Marrakesh

Question: Murderous Clown In Stephen Kings Novel It
Solution: Pennywise

Question: Nickname Of King Richard I Of England
Solution: Lionheart

Question: Only Living Members Of The Genus Struthio
Solution: Ostriches

Question: Onshore Light Wind
Solution: Seabreeze

Question: Oscar Winner Who Had Her Own TV Show In The 60s
Solution: Donna reed

Question: Phony Showing Of Sadness Tears
Solution: Crocodile

Question: Protective Outer Layer Of The Skin
Solution: Epidermis

Question: Strict And Rigorous
Solution: Stringent

Question: Surface Skin Includes The First Two Skin Layers
Solution: Epidermis

Question: To Check Fix The Measurement Of A Tool
Solution: Calibrate

Question: Tool For Cutting Two Circles Out Of Paper
Solution: Hole punch

Question: Walter Hunt Patented The First Rifle In 1849
Solution: Repeating

Question: What January Is Relative To February
Solution: Last month

Question: Day December 1 Marked By Wearing Red Ribbons
Solution: World aids

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