Codycross Inventions Group 46 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: Assaulting Striking Charging
Solution: Attacking

Question: Audrey Hepburn Eats This Meal At Tiffanys
Solution: Breakfast

Question: Bright Freshwater Fish
Solution: Angelfish

Question: Chuck Novelist Of Transgressional Fiction
Solution: Palahniuk

Question: Greek Heroes Looking For The Golden Fleece
Solution: Argonauts

Question: Growing Plants Trees Fruits Etc
Solution: Gardening

Question: Head Designer For The House Of Chanel Karl
Solution: Lagerfeld

Question: His Body Lies A Mouldering In The Grave
Solution: John brown

Question: It Was First Bottled By French Benedictine Monks
Solution: Champagne

Question: John Deere Invented This In 1837
Solution: Steel plow

Question: Norovirus Is A Common Cause Of Food
Solution: Poisoning

Question: Oskar German Capitalist Saved Jewish Lives
Solution: Schindler

Question: Pausing Punctuation Mark Between Two Main Clauses
Solution: Semicolon

Question: Plane Spotting Site In The Dutch Side Of Caribbean
Solution: Maho beach

Question: Salmonella Is A Common Cause Of Food
Solution: Poisoning

Question: The Of Notre Dame A Movie And An Animation
Solution: Hunchback

Question: The Of Notre Dame An Animated Film
Solution: Hunchback

Question: Usually Wooden Plaque You Can Ride The Waves In
Solution: Surfboard

Question: You Can Ride The Waves On One
Solution: Surfboard

Question: Lounge Seating Area To Wait For A Flight
Solution: Departure

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